The 5th Dimension community aims to power the engagement between developers, musicians and CG artists.   

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VR, AR and music

Digital artists

We’re looking for CG designers and digital artists who are doing new and interesting things at the intersection between VR, AR and music, please contact us to join our community.   

Extended reality

5th Dimension is a community of dreamers, artists, geeks and gamers who converge around a shared passion for combining extended reality and electronic music.

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We’re interested to help support indie software developers, coders and CG designers who are doing amazing things with XR tech, if you’re in this space we’d love to support what you’re doing.


Music artists

If you’re a music artist with an existing audience who’s looking to dive into the exciting new world of XR tech, please get in touch so we can discuss collaborating and helping you reach the rapidly growing audience in the XR space.

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